Can’t I just go do these things with my daughter without joining a group like yours?
Of course, and we hope you do. However, we’ve found that for most families, life is hectic, and we let less important things crowd our calendars. By creating these events for members, we hope to make it easier for fathers to plan ahead, and harder for them to forget the priority and importance of these times. In addition, many of our events are best experienced in large groups. Similarly, we’ve seen many fathers and children create lifelong friends that they may not have met otherwise.

How much time will I need to commit?
We aim to have about one event per month but they’re never mandatory. This is one of the benefits of our group that families seem to enjoy the most because the commitment can be as little or as much as you want it to be. Some families prefer it over involvement in sports because it doesn’t fill their weekends for a season at a time.  Other families enjoy that the flexibility allows them to do both!  We have families that attend one event per year, others that attend all and we welcome whatever works for you.

What are the events and activities?
They vary but, in the past, we’ve gone camping, hiking, canoeing, shooting and boating. A daddy daughter dance or fun date night is a reoccurring event. Tribes might organize something as simple as a swim party in the summer or pumpkin carving in October. We always appreciate and encourage members to come up with new ideas and/or spearhead organizing them if they would like.

Do I have to earn patches or sell cookies?

How much is it?
It depends.

Annual Longhouse dues are $80 per family and include the $45 National Longhouse dues that covers insurance and background checks on the fathers. For more information on the National Longhouse dues visit National Dues

We aim to plan 2-3 campouts per year and those costs vary depending on the type of camping but could range from $100 to $150 per family.

If you would like to purchase a vest the cost for a child vest ranges from $21 to $71 and adult vests range from $44 to $92 depending on how you want it decorated and if you want it preassembled or if you want to do it yourself.  Vests can be purchased elsewhere but in the past we have had a good experience with this third party seller: Vests

Why the North American Indian theme?
Please see the national longhouse website for a full explanation of our history and culture. Theme